Spoiler: it has 100% chance that it won’t be you unless you are a politician.

A true story

Around fifteen years ago I started to observe a strange nature of people. It somehow comes from the “sheep” mentality at election time seasoned with some misunderstanding. The talk was about election which is a kind of forbidden topic at workplaces in Hungary. It is not strictly forbidden, but due to the general heat of the conversation it can have a bad impact on work so clever people just avoid it. (Ok, this also means that I wasn’t too smart which is about true.)


The current Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orban prefers to use the Hungarian version of this word even in the “royal radio” about liberal people (citizens) who are not a fan of him.

The origin of this word is not very clear. Some people suppose that it comes from the word “buzernyák” which is a slang version of “buzi” meaning gay in an offensive form. Others mention that the first written occurrence of the word is on a list of applications for a ball camp in 2013 used as a categorization of women among other obscenities.

For a general Hungarian who…

Searching in documents is easy with SQL Server, but quite challenging on the infrastructure side. In this article I will show you how to index files, what practices people use to index large number of scanned documents and how to store files in your database.

First of all everything detailed in the Effective full-text search series Go advanced and Go relevant articles are applicable. If you would like to write full-text queries, please check those for the details.

Table structure

SQL Server is a relational database, so we need a table with some columns to store the files and some metadata to…

Saving time with ranking

Using pure CONTAINS can be painful. Not for you as a developer, but for your users. There is a reason why Google Search became an industry standard and even Microsoft copied Google search results to improve Bing when they saved the searches in Internet Explorer.

Ranking is the most important when you have a huge pile of data.

Ok maybe AI developers will not agree, but at least both of these are based on statistics.

Ranking in T-SQL

Microsoft SQL Server/T-SQL supports full-text search ranking out the box. This works very similar to CONTAINS and FREETEXT detailed in the previous article of the…

Advanced methods provided by SQL Server

In the previous article you read about the LIKE statement with its pros and cons. If you were thinking about that a little bit you may found that as a simple “contains” method which doesn’t provide any linguistic help for queries.

Now we will switch to something that can scale better than LIKE '%...%' and full of extras.

Full-text search on MS SQL Server

Let’s start with the very beginning: real full text search doesn’t work like LIKE. You need to “enable” that during installation time or you need to re-run the setup to add this feature to your SQL instance.

What is going on with COVID-19 and Black Lives Matter on the internet?
Can you have your own opinion?
Are you mass murderer or racist if you see the picture more complex?

Photo by Glen Carrie on Unsplash

The short answer is: yes, you are!
Should you be treated like this? Well this is a different question. The main problem with the “opinionated mass” is that the potential of having discussion about the certain topic is denied. The “main message” is simplified to meet with the average (low) IQ.

On the top of this simplification you can find large companies supporting/serving the “message” to gain popularity…

I interviewed over a hundred IT people during the past 10+ years with the purpose of finding new colleges who fit into the team and I can work with as a manager. Of course I made some bad decisions along the way… but overall I was able to hire good candidates for the roles.


In my opinion I have a partially structured thinking with all of its pros like managing mess and cons for instance hardly following certain rules or adopting structures. …

Business problem and simple LIKE solution

Are you developing enterprise software? Then you probably faced with the problem caused by LIKE ‘%...%'. There are some options how you can overcome on this issue even without switching to another database or database architecture once you are matured relational database like Microsoft SQL Server.

The personal part also matters, some solutions are not code based, read about it at the end of the article.

Business problem

When you are building a real enterprise software you usually have some sort of data distribution across table - supposed that you are using a relational database system - and in all cases you…

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